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A Fairy Tale Philtrum

What in the Sam Hill?! It's another newsletter from A Way with Words.

Oh, man, when we have fun on the air, we have it in spades, buckets, and buttloads. This past weekend we took a quick look at whether old-fashioned fairy tales are too violent for the modern child, the origin of "soap opera," something about "dog-fooding," and we put our finger on "philtrum."


Would a server by any other name be as functional? At IT World, Josh Fruhlinger takes a look at the naming conventions used for networks and servers, like naming them all after African countries or Simpsons characters.


What's the deal with President Obama saying, "I screwed up"? Can he say that on the air?


June Casagrande breaks down the the story about "such as" being preferable to "like."


An interview with MIT professor Wayne O'Neil on second-language acquisition:


Google makes its Google Books archive of millions of books available to mobile phones:



Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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