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Our most recent episode is a favorite archive edition: "A Roberta of Flax," with funny collective nouns for plants, plus the game "Telephone," the use of "whenever" with reference to a one-time event, and how Shakespeare's language sounded in his day. Behold:


Many of you sent us more funny collective plant nouns. Jas Williams sent us dozens, including "a mnemonic of forget-me-nots" and "a break of day lilies." Ren Willis-Frances added "a silence of mums." Love those!

Remember the recent dustup over on the BBC's site, where a UK journalist lamented the "Americanization" of British English? He hit a nerve -- the essay had more than 3 million page views! The BBC turned to Grant for a response from this side of the Atlantic. His riposte, also widely read and commented upon, is here:


Children needn't learn cursive writing any more. That's the contention, at least, of a growing number of educators. A surprising recent discussion on "The Diane Rehm Show":


If you're bedeviled each week by The New York Times' Sunday crossword, you'll enjoy this short interview with one of your chief tormentors, puzzle constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley:


Congrats to our friends at Studio West, where we record "A Way with Words," who are celebrating their 40th anniversary. Originally a music studio, their business is thriving. Their secret? Diversifying to include sound production for video games, Hollywood films, and TV. Their diverse client list includes Queen Latifah, Patti Smith, Mitt Romney -- oh, and a couple of word nerds.


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