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Advisor vs. Adviser

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R. Alan Smith from San Diego, California, is a strategic advisor. Or is he an adviser? There’s been a shift over the years from the -er spelling to the -or, but we’re pleased to announce that despite the style guides, advisor is the overwhelmingly preferred version, and is absolutely correct! This is part of a complete episode.

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  • It was nice to hear that Advisor was beating the carp out of Adviser.

    As the foreign student advisor of my school, I have some advice for you:
    a. use advisor with confidence when it is part of a title: The Foreign Policy Advisor.
    b. use adviser when it is generic: he is an adviser to the president.

    I did some research on this, but as it is now New Years Eve, I have forgotten where I found this.

    Another case: I am a professor of English, but sometimes I am a professer of my ignorance. lol.

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