adj.— «I have actually considered that laws against (or implicitly disallowing) gay marriage are, actually, sexist. For example, suppose I lived somewhere with antihomonuptial legislation.» —“Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective” by Sam Hughes Things Of Interest (United Kingdom) Nov. 20, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Al Pergande says:

    It’s a word,alright, but probably the least pronouncable one I’ve seen out side of biology, chemistry, or defense department acronyms,

  2. shayla says:

    Many gay people consider any word that employs “homo” as a reference to their sexuality – including the term homosexual – to be highly offensive, due mainly to the stand-alone use of “homo” as an epithet. The author of antihomonuptial was probably taken by its similarity in sound and cadence to antihomosexual, but it is an unfortunate creation.

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