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“App” is Apt

Great Googly-Moogly, it's another newsletter from "A Way with Words"!

In our latest archive episode: If a woman keeps her own name after marriage, is she "Ms." or "Mrs."? Also,"redd up," "out like Lottie's eye," children who start talking late, and poetry best read aloud. It's here:


Great news: Brand-new episodes of "A Way with Words" start this coming weekend!

Congratulations to the word "app," which beat out "Wikileaks," "junk," and "nom" (as in the Cookie Monster's expression of gustatory pleasure) in the American Dialect Society's "2010 Word of the Year" vote last week. Details and photos at the ADS site:


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was there for what it called the ADS's "spirited" voting session:


Fans of Ancient Greek are all aflutter to learn that a Cambridge University linguist has found a small population in Turkey that speaks an astonishingly similar dialect called Romeyka.


A short video of Romeyka speakers and the beautiful terrain they inhabit:


Finally, a big welcome to our new listeners on KXMT 100.1 FM in Kodiak, Alaska! We're glad to have you aboard.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Now that your faithful co-hosts have returned from our peregrinations, we can't wait to get back into the recording studio. We look forward to your thoughts about language, so please keep those emails and phone calls coming!


Martha and Grant

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