1. M says:

    As far as I know the definition of backpacker is the whole opposit of this. Not a faker or poser.

  2. Kwizard says:

    A Backpacker is an educated fan. Them other meanings are people who don’t like “backpackers” defining them from the outside.

  3. Kae says:

    Yeah, the only hing in that definition that is right is “elitist.”

  4. You all are kind of missing the point: it says seen as. Something to consider, too, is that the meaning of the word has morphed in the two years since I first drafted this definition. Nearly all the old uses of the word are derogatory. Now they’re largely positive as the backpackers have circled their wagons and turned on their offensive. Not only that, but any skimming of alt.rap and rec.music.hip-hop will show you that even music nerds can’t agree what “backpack rap” or “backpackers” are all about. However, I’ll see if I can revise the definition, to reflect your sentiments.

  5. Kae says:

    That is very true. And with ANY slang, is evolves and changes a such a ridiculous pace, its hard to keep up.

  6. I’m 100% backpacker, and proud of it.  and yes I do think that commercial “rap” I.e. garbage, has really killed the spirit of hip-hop as a whole… so yeah, call me a nerd or whatever, but I do know what real hip-hop is…
    (meet me in the street an call me a gay backpacker if you want to…)

  7. pedro says:

    I guess i fall into backpacker because i dig underground/alternative hip hop. but, i have no problems with commercial rap. i mean i don’t like the lyrical content at all but it’s catchy, well rapped, and well-produced.

  8. MaxGlobs says:

    Eh, for me it’s all about the lyrics.  There are some Nas songs that I’d take over anything done by Lif or Deltron 3030, just because they’re better written.  I should note, though, that most mainstream rap (and music in general) simply isn’t up to snuff.

  9. ill-uSHEN says:

    Yo, im one of em backpackers 4 real-n i bn dwn for the undaground lyk stupip bt gut a lot o problems wit commercial dudes cuz at tyms they issht sound 2 monotonous n uncreative. Hiphop is a culture n an arform of creativity, skills n school of thought.Hiphop is surpozd 2 b an artform n to mi anythn thatz nt upliftin the culture is nt hiphop, it myt b rap or sum issh.

  10. James Ricks says:

    well to me.. I call myself the “New Age Backpacker.” One who stills understands the fundamental elements to Hip Hop But knows what it takes to survive and make a living with music.” Atleast if this is something that you want to make a honest living being an artist..
    Locally in Phoenix where I live “Amani Jae” is part of the New age backpacker saga..


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