bag night
 n.— «Perhaps “bag nights” could use further clarification, since it’s a backpacker’s term that, even then, is subject to personal preferences. Henceforth (how’s that for sounding official?), here are my qualifications for claiming a “bag night:” You must sleep outdoors overnight. You could be in a tent, in a shelter that’s open to the air, or even just outside with no protection. For me, well, I count what I call “primitive car camping,” another of my personal definitions. To me, it means camping in any of the above situations, but you are near a car. So you have access to some sup-plies. Now a regular campground with shower and toilet facilities does not qualify, to me. Most importantly, there’s a sleeping bag involved. Oh yeah, and sleeping overnight in the Jeep en route to a location does not count.» —“Time to start accumulating ‘bag nights’ for 2007″ by Lisa Brainard Republican-Leader (Preston, Minnesota) Jan. 16, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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