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 adj.— «Learning of continued criminal behavior actually causes more work, so is largely avoided (as noted above at the end of the last paragraph). In fact, there are banked caseloads in the County of San Francisco that have over 20,000 people on them (source: a San Francisco Deputy Probation Officer I attended the Probation Officer Core Course with—name withheld for obvious reasons). In the event that you do not know what “banked” represents in Probation parlance, it means that the person is still on probation, but they are no longer required to report to Probation, and their file is merely maintained in the event that they either commit a new crime, or the Court wants additional information on their case.» —“The Victimization of Law Abiding Citizens by the California Criminal Justice System” Illusory Justice Jan. 28, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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