n.— «The Dominican government’s victory in a Miami courtroom earlier this week over one of the Caribbean nation’s most powerful financiers was a milestone in bringing the alleged architects of the country’s 2003 banking crisis to justice.…But the question is whether the Dominican government’s success in the Miami case can be replicated by other countries seeking to go after alleged banksters—the term coined by Ecuadoreans during their 1998-99 banking crisis.» —“Victory against Latin bank fraud marks milestone” by Jane Bussey Miami Herald (Florida) Nov. 10, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Tad Cook says:

    I was surprised to see that the term “bankster” was coined by Ecuadorians 6-7 years ago. This term has been used by the fringe of the far right in the USA for at least 70 years in reference to some sort of conspiracy involving bankers and the Federal Reserve.

    Example: “For the rest of your life you will be in a position of power over your money. You will have the rare advantage to turn the tables on politicians, banksters, and newspaper editors.” see

    Example: “How the Banksters avoid the Fractional Reserve Requirements.” see

    The word also has some anti-Semitic references.

    Example: “After three and a half years, Rome will break her agreement with the Jewish banksters who, together with the Black Nobility, will hate the whore and transfer their allegiance to Judaeo-Communist Russia – becoming Gog, the chief ruler of Magog who will ‘nuke’ Vatican City State and the United States of America, thereby precipitating Armageddon.” see:

    Example: “Make sure that our Marxist paid political stooges in positions of leadership “borrow” enormously from our Jewish Banksters to put their Nations in outrageous debt to us.” see:

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