1. Mark says:

    Does Majel Barrett count?

  2. SuzyQ says:

    I’d never heard this term before until my DH and I were watching a recent episode of “ER” where a couple w/ a GPS system in their car followed the female’s voice instructing them to drive straight into Lake Michigan. They called the GPS ‘Betty,’ which I thought was funny because we have nicknamed our GPS ‘GiGi’ for ‘Garmin Girl’. So DH tells me that don’t I know what “Betty” stands for—“Bitchin’ Betty.” Common name for ALL instrument panels that talk w/ female voice and he references military planes (he used to work on them). So I say it’s a military thing, and he says no. Google (and my very informal poll at work) tells me I’m right. Ha. Think I’ll email him this page.

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