blessing way n. a spiritual ceremony or gathering celebrating a woman’s pregnancy. Also blessingway. Editorial Note: The tone, content, and intent of a blessing way can vary greatly, but generally, the event involves songs, food, and the giving of gifts and good wishes to the mother. In less spiritual practice, a blessing way is similar to a baby shower and is held for a pregnancy other than a woman’s first. Etymological Note: As described in the citations dated 1932 and 1970, and in the second 1993 citation, this specific and specialized use of the term “blessing way” probably comes from the Navajo, who also use the Blessing Way ritual for other purposes: for those who are going away, for those who have returned, for those about to undertake an important task, etc. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Leah Trabue says:

    This is actually is a great thing to do, though I’ve also heard it called a Mother Blessing. I found out about it from :

    I’ve had two of them and they were just really positive experiences to lighten my spirit in pregnancy. Now I’ve lead a couple for friends.

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