brain gang
 n.— «A few years ago, Netflix offered a million dollars to anyone out there who could design a system to improve their system of rating DVDs by 10 percent. 17,000 submissions came in from the public. Dell Computers, once almost crippled by service policies that turned off its own customers in droves, turned itself around by embracing customers and their ideas. Several of Dell’s current models incorporate major design changes which came directly from civilians at its “IdeaStorm” website, the content of which is completely customer-driven. This kind of thing is sometimes called a “brain gang,” and it’s something more and more private companies are employing as a cost effective way of drawing on the talents of a community to solve problems.» —“Idea Storm” by Michael Miller (Nassau County, New York) June 4, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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