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Bugs Bunny changeup

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  • From ADS-L, Oct 15, 2005:
    ‘Surely the “Bug Bunny change-up” is so-called because of the scene in the classic “Baseball Bugs” (1946) where Bugs is able to ring up multiple strikes on the same ultraslow pitch? (“One-two-three-strikes-yer-out!”)
    —Ben Zimmer

  • Just saw it for the first time.  Rick Ankiel of the Cards hit a homer of Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels last night and had this to say:

    “Sometimes they’re tougher for me when they’re at an angle,” Ankiel said of his battles against lefthanded pitchers. “He wasn’t so much at an angle but that changeup was really tough, a Bugs Bunny change-up.”

    Being a baseball junkie, I had to look it up :o)

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