1. Actually. I do not appreciate this website using a quote from my Melodramatic blog. You should have asked premission first.
    I’m not saying you have to take it down, but you really should have asked me before putting it up.

  2. Justina, it would be so difficult to seek permission for every quote used in a historical dictionary that it would make compiling the work nearly impossible. In any case, quoting in such a fashion is well within accepted academic practice and is fully legal under the law, according to the Fair Use copyright provisions.

  3. Unlike Justina, I’m thrilled to have this Web site using my quote and putting me right there in the barrel with Lewis Grizzard. Bus-left may be considered Georgia English, but here in rural N.C., we get bus-left, bee-stung, snake-bit, ass-whupped and mule-kicked on a fairly consistent basis. Thanks for putting me in the Double-Tongued Dictionary. Read my columns at http://www.journalnow.com and here my podcasts at http://www.mcdowellnews.com.

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