n.— «In 2005, companies will take a more comprehensive business approach to security, making it the year of the “BUT.” BUT is a typical tech-industry, three-letter acronym that stands for Back, Up and Together.…”B,” or “Back,” means that companies will focus on securing the unprotected internal assets behind the network perimeter that are vulnerable to sophisticated hackers and rogue employees.…”U,” or “Up,” is short for “up the technology stack,” which is geek-speak for protecting critical applications themselves.…The final “T” stands for “Together,” which has two meanings. First off, it means integration.…”Together” also means users should expect more bundled security products that address a particular business problem.» —“Security in the year of the ‘BUT’” by Jon Oltsik CNET Jan. 11, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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