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camp leg
 n.Gloss: the condition of a player being unfit for regular American football season, especially in the legs. Note: The term probably comes from being overweight, out of practice, or too used to the slower schedule of the off season when training camps are typically held. A camp leg is also a player brought in as a temporary kicker in order to keep a better kicker from being over-tired or over-exerted. «I think Randy had his best practice today since the first couple of days of camp. It’s different for every player, you get what I call camp legs and I think Randy had a little bit of that on Saturday night. His legs were dead and he didn’t have a lot of bounce to his legs.» —“Randy Wittman Conference Call 10-8″ NBA.com: Timberwolves News Oct. 8, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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