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capital call

capital call
 n.— «“Right now, it’s still status quo, with the Linas controlling the majority (shares) of Burger King and Romero, who will infuse fresh capital into the company for a projected expansion, conducting due diligence,” the professor said. “It’s what is known in business as ’capital call.’ The money that will be infused by Mikee will dilute the shares of all the stockholders, including Bert Lina, eventually making Mikee the controlling entity. Thus, he will then own Burger King. I just don’t know if Air21’s PBA franchise was part of the package or if he had to pay separately for this.”» —“Mikee’s role in Burger King” by Beth Celis Inquirer (Philippines) Jan. 14, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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