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Shaky Cheese

A Simi Valley, California, listener writes to ask if any other families use the term shaky cheese for “Parmesan cheese shaken out of a can.” Indeed they do, and other families apply the term scrapey cheese to “cheese scraped over a...

Lean on Your Own Dinner

Sam from Abilene, Texas, wonders about the phrase lean on your own dinner, which can be used literally to mean “support your own weight rather than leaning against me,” or metaphorically, as in suggesting someone refrain from asking...

Gesture for Snack Time

After our conversation about families’ nicknames for household appliances, Luke in Shutesbury, Massachusetts, tells the story of a gesture that evolved in his own family to indicate it’s snack time. This is part of a complete episode.


Marian from Schroon Lake, New York, says her family plays an egg-tapping game after every Easter egg hunt. Each player takes an egg and taps it against someone else’s, hoping that their own egg won’t crack. The egg that survives a round...

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