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Da Vinci Riddle

In Leonardo da Vinci, biographer Walter Isaacson notes that da Vinci was fond of riddles, including this one: Winged creatures will support people with their feathers. This is part of a complete episode.

Ditloid Puzzles

A ditloid uses numerals and initial letters to suggest a phrase, such as 26 L in the A, or 52 W in a Y. Sometimes called an equation analysis test, this type of puzzle was dubbed a ditloid by a newspaper columnist who clued the name of Alexander...

Ooos and Ahhs Word Game

Quiz Guy John Chaneski shares a game that provides plenty of Ooos and Ahhs. It involves clues to two words, one that begins with an Ooo sound and the other with an Ahh sound. For example, if John is making a traditional Chinese tea, but messes it...