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In high school, were you a jock or a nerd? How about a grit, or perhaps a Hessian, hesher, metalhead, or greaser — the dudes with roughed-up denim jackets, metal boots, and cigarettes in their shirt pockets — are an essential part of the student body, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about their name. What did you call that crowd? This is part of a complete episode.

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  • My high school was in the same sports league as the one your called went to, in Northern (DC-area) Virginia, and we (the class of 87) also said “grit” to refer to that clique. In college in California, my roommate from Anaheim told me those kids were called Hessians. I’ll be interested to learn what the current names are!

  • In 1976 Rye NY we were all either Jocks, Greasers, or Freaks (hippies). We certainly had nerds but they were not called that. Rather, they were sort of called “individuals” and they didn’t really act like a clique, because they were – well – individuals. Love your show!

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