n.— «Drawing outside attention to the campus Coastie phenomenon, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel printed Megan Twohey ’s article, The Great ‘Coastie Divide ” in Nov. 2005. Twohey never mentioned that it was once more common on our campus to refer to the Ugg crowd from New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois as JAPs (Jewish American Princesses). Maybe Twohey felt the issue was irrelevant or never considered it. That ’s an odd omission. If Coastie is in fact another way of saying JAP, the “Coastie Divide ” hints at more than a difference in style.» —“Is ‘Coastie’ a code word?” by Teddy O’Reilly in University of Wisconsin-Madison Daily Cardinal Feb. 22, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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