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cocaine bugs n.pl. a skin itch or the sensation that bugs are under one’s skin, caused by the hallucinatory effects of cocaine and its derivatives; formication. Editorial Note: Scotoma, mentioned in the first cite, is defined by WordNet as “an isolated area of diminished vision within the visual field.” The plural is scotomata. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • The Bugs are REAL, I say a nematode, both microscopic, and quite adept at not being observed.  The Coke speeds the brains ability to observe the little fellows, and makes them crazier than the doctors will tell you that you are.  You are merely being given a sign by biological buddies that you shoud stop shooting up.

  • PS. That is a Filarial Nematode, possibly several types involved and they travel in your blood and blood rich organs, hence some of the effects on heart, lungs, brain.  There are over 20,000 types of Nematodes and several Million w/in most of us.  The Government knows but likes when druggies have heart attacks, it plays into their Nazi ways.  Look for their classic face patterns of disguise.  We are all made in their image!

  • I know you’re joking, but just for anyone who doesn’t: cocaine bugs ARE NOT caused by nematodes or any other type of real insect, worm, or parasite. They’re strictly psychological or neurological.

  • just kidding…. im not so sure…
    i have a friend that experimented with IV cocaine use and during this time i was a witness to the ‘coke bugs’.  we conducted several experiments all concluding that there was some parasidic life form running wild during the cocaine “poisoning” of the body.
    ^Test #1: we hung a linen sheet 3 feet from the wall paralell. with no shirt on he shot up standing inbetween the wall and sheet and waited for the ‘bugs’ to swarm.  30 – 45 seconds after the initial swarming he quickly came out from behind the sheet and stood on the other side standing about 2 – 3 feet from sheet.  I witnessed the sheet like magic move towards his body.  points in the sheet would advance towards him and then fall away…
    other tests were conducted and i would be glad to share them. 
    explain these observations made by myself and other non-drug induced bystanders…

  • I believe there is definetly a cocain bug or worm.  I have collected specimens at different stages of molting? as well as watched them spin webbing around themselves.  They look like hair or thread and I have also watched them enter my body through my pores.  Black ones and white ones.  I have also seen the fuzz balls of some type of mite or midge, most interesting is the one that I haven’t seen a lot of but it looks like a round red small piece of lint.  Anyhow, I think the cocaine users get a predjudiced none investigative rap on this one.  I too have witnessed this worm like creature reach for cocaine and eat my cocaine rock so that the hard rock becomes quite crumbly even to the point of being like dust.  It is my second time com bating with these creatures and I also believe there is more than one type that does seem to only show up with cocaine use.  I have to wonder if that is how they came to this country/. There is more than one insect that’s primary diet and home is with the cocoa plant including worms and moths.  I am wondering about mites and midges?  I enjoy my rock once in a while but it is expensive enough without the bugs eating through it.  Any suggestions besides “don’t smoke cocaine”? 
    By Expensive Bug

  • Don’t smoke cocaine. In fact, don’t ingest it at all. That shit will kill you. Smoke some KBs buddy.

  • i want 2 know more about wonder bug’s tests. i think that “coke bugs” are real because of sober by standers aswell.

  • I”am also a non-drug user. This is now my second time dealing with these insects, in my home. I told my doctor about it and he says do you use cocaine, and said you have coke bugs. I oferd to take any drug test at any time, he said no thanks , and that was it. Three years later after buying knew furniture for my child and myself, we had moved, everything was fine, then a couple from Ustralia moved in up-stairs, and it started again. So now what do I do?, go back to the dr. I DON”T THINK SO. PLEASE HELP ME.

  • Hi I just wrote comment, but I wasn”t thinking I would like to put my other name in, it is angel. PLEASE REMOVE the s.jacobson, so my child and or family members do not see. Please and thank-you.You have my e-mail address. I”m not sure how to delete it. Please help me, thanks again, now sressed out!!!!!!!!

  • That’s the punishment you get for leaving goofy comments, but I’ve gone ahead and changed the name anyway.

  • I just wish, I could get my hands on some the obviously really good drugs Dr Toxic and Faye is on.

  • I know for a fact that the bugs are real. I am now clean from coke now for about a month and I still feel their presence. During my last few weeks of smoking coke,  was forced to somke alone because other crack somkers would see and feel the bugs swarming. Others around me would begin to itch and wave their hands in front of their faces as if their were flies bothering them. It got to the point where people would give me crack just to see this affect. I felt as if there were spider webs all over my body. I told doctors but they accused me of immagining it all. I dont know what to do. Please help

  • Heh, you idiots… Cocaine is a natural pesticide. The government has created these things to stop cocaine addicts. They remain dormant and directly connected to your blood vessels. When you hit up, they try to get away from the coke. They then scramble up your body to try to find new ground. They have a proboscis that can penetrate pores without pain, just like a mosquito.
    I have caught these things in bottles by leaving them open and taking a hit, then sealing them. Freezing the bottle leaves a complete specimen. Use a liquid, like 100 proof booze in a pint size bottle.

  • so the people with the doctor degrees say that coke bugs arent real well I beg the differ.Because as I sit here reading the post I took some crack cocaine and smash it up on a white piece of paper and by the time I finished reading there was black spots all in the coke. They were moving and before I knew it. it was more black spots than coke. I did this test with a sober state of mind

  • I know this is an old post, and I know most of you have zero experience in the matter and are all just mouthing off. And given the subject matter, I can’t blame you and you absolutely have the right.

    But here’s the thing, @wonder bug wasn’t completely out of scope. I’ll give you a little background.

    Years ago I used to be an avid IV user of cocaine. When I got to the point where I did too much in a sitting, I first experienced this phenomenon.

    Now I didn’t think invisible bugs were crawling out of my skin, but I did feel the sensation that made me jerk around to see if there was something there. News flash, really wasn’t. But I’d be jumpy as all get up.

    Pretty much a clear and cut case of psychosis right? And if I stared long enough, due to the toxins in me, my eyes would get a bit fuzzy, so I couldn’t ever determine for sure.

    Now I’m a very logical person. So I’d rope my friends who didn’t partake in to watch this take place. Like the sheet experiment, my clothes would exhibit the same thing. Certain spots would draw out with seemingly no outside influence.

    After I stopped my IV use I’d still do the occasional line with no such side effects. But the odd time I was in a situation where I ended up doing much more than that, the same effects would start to surface.

    The larger the span of time between usage the less the effect. All lines up with psycosis.

    But here’s the thing, while there’s no doubt there’s a heavily psychological affect, there was also this physical one. The sheet/shirt “pulling” on its own, frayed strands of clothing sticking out much more than normal (one checks prior to using), near invincible threads attached to ones body, hair being drawn toward something (upwards, towards a specific spot on the body regardless of position) and a few others.

    I’ve hypothesized a few causes. Toxins in the body making your skin react. This body hair reacts and moves differently and with more gusto than normal. Would explain the shirt drawing away from the body, but not the sheet.

    The other is the affect could be something that changes the static electricity of the body. This could explain not only the shirt and sheet, but also the hair, fuzz, and threads that appear abundant when in the thick of it.

    Whether the psychological affects influence the physical or visa versa is unknown to me. But by bringing in outside validations , not believing there was bugs in my drugs or really on my body , but absolutely feeling the both physical and psychological affects with varying degrees of use, something is happening.

    And if you think about all the completely different ways psychosis can manifest itself, the sheer numbers of incidents where people experience it in the exact same way, leads me to believe that something more is going on.

    One that doesn’t necessarily involve near invisible bugs, but one that could explain the physical side of things.

    Love some more serious input on this. I don’t really partake much anymore, but still curious of the why.

  • They are VERY REAL. I am 6 months clean now, but I am still trying to figure out what the hell these buggers are. I was addicted to crack. toward the end of my addiction, these bugs would come oit as soon as I took just 1 hit. One day I was wearing a bandana on my head, and like magic the freakin bandana kept moving/lifting up on my head….because as soon as I took a hit they would come out-especially in my hair/head. I am NOT the only one who saw them. My curtains-like magic- would begin to move, and I also had floral decor in my apartment, and the flowers would start to move, too. W…T….F. I ended up cutting my hair off….you could see them in the cut off hair that was in the sink. My frie d who was with me picked them up out of the sink to “inspect” them. They almost look like spiders/mites. There are several different kinds, though. They are under your skin and are able to move around in your pores without causing pain. When I am sober, I dont see a thing. As soon as I take 1 hit they start coming out. I can see their nasty antennae lookin things and long ass legs in my hair. Its like they hate the coke/crack or something. Im telling the truth, I cannot stress enough! At the e d of my addictikn…i got endocarditis and was in the hospital for 3 months. I am 28 years old…they had to do open heart surgery. But get this….they STILL cant tell me what the fuck i was “infected” with. Like, let me give you an example, usually they are able to test you and say, “ok, the infection that you have is staph” and treat you accordingly. I was in the hospital for 3 freakin months, they sent my lab work and samples to SEVERAL different labs, and never could give me a result. To this day, I have yet to receive a result. I know these super bugs had a part in it.

  • Hey there Faye. Man for the longest time I thought I was the only one who saw the little red bugs you are referring to. I know exactly what you are talking about. They’re small little red bugs that look exactly like a small piece of lint or fuzz. And ivI’ also seen the others you speak of. Thank you so much for your post it’s really given me a piece of mind.

  • I am agreeing with Fae. They are not crazy I even have pics of the bugs themselves. The are fuzzy sometimes almost like sock fuzz but they are bugs. And yes sometimes they are white and kind of longer like demodex and attach to your hair or look like hair and sometimes they are black and look like scabies. They leave two different kind of Mark’s as well. Scabie Mark’s and then zit like Mark’s. If you pop the zit a hair will come out then probably another two smaller pieces then the white bug. It is not only me that is having the issue but everyone in household including the animals. Yes drug users and non drug users. About every 3 days they are really bad. Your skin is on fire and you have swelling. Yes some users pick but not all!! Can u explain how u can go to bed and wake up with new Mark’s or just be watching TV and you start bleeding somewhere. If the are not real then why is are hair moving on its own and the animals hair to. Even when everyone is sober it does this. Is it possible for someone to get scabies and demodex. I highly doubt it. It does suck no one takes u seriously. I have even asked to be cut and take the mite test but as soon as u day nights no one has any spots for 2 months. No dermatologist, no medical Drs. Hubby’s Drs office won’t even call him back as soon as he said mites. We have good relationship with our Drs. Are life are miserable…. They hurt and sting when the hair ones enter your body almost like a wasp stinging u. This sucks!!! Dont matter how much tea tree oil, demodex products you use they just keep coming. We did go to walk in clinic and they would only see us 2 times. We tried the Rx cream 2 weeks apart and the pill but was only given 4 each person. They said we had crusted scabies but if so then why didn’t anyone report to CDC. We called CDC to see what to do and they freaked out that they were not notified and the RX were prescribed wrong. I promise u they are real and we have more than 1 type of mites on us!! Fae u are the 1st person that has described exactly what they look like cant find any other mites that look like this its crazy. So please dont just assume everyone that does drugs is crazy and hallucinates cause that is not true. We all don’t speak out the windows constantly eathier….

  • Oh and yes the little red bugs have shown up in the last week. They leave Like a marker pink color on skin.

  • yes yes these bugs/worms are very real, i have been suffering 4 many years now , 1st i thought it was a spider, every time i did a pipe i got a feeling of somthing around my bum then up my back, to my head, it left a yllow/green trail , my scrotum goes small then big , it once attacked my i tried to catch it then it fixed its self to the center of my back and stung me hard ,i dont know what this is but coke sets it off instantly, i took worm pills and it worked 4 few weeks byt then come back, the backs of my ears feel like somthing is building up ,like loads mites , then my iner ear itches, but i noticed when i tried to get photo , the cam flash made it go away instantly, so i put a bright toruch at top of my bum and bottom did a pipe it came out but stayed at my bum, remove a tourch and it shoots up, people get freaked out near me but wont tell me what they see , i set up tri-pods with cam’s around me did a pipe and this thing about size of a hand granade shoots very very fast up my body bum to arm pit groin under my feet, then now my body hairs seam to have a white fuzz on it also yellow/green fuzz, i also get this like crazy net around my face ,to the eye its unsee able but use a cam-phone u can see , anyone relates please please help ,doctors/family say im crazy that its all in my head…

  • next time u do coke and feel somthing crawling but cant see it try useing your smartphone cam, and you will! i can only guess its somthing to do with a cameras eye and a humens,,,,one thing that works is ovex suspion but you need use mornig and night

  • Try this next time… I finally caught them freakin bugs every time i do coke , within 5 mins they be crawling on my scalp and my back…. all you need is a cell phone… turn it on bright white background.. when then bugs start biting you face and eyes … just brush them off on the white led cell phone… slowly you you start seeing tiny black elongated dots here and there.. of course some skin cells as well… after a couple of hours of collection.. use a clear white packing tape to collect the specimens … after collecting place it on a smooth glass or plate. Then run your fingers through the top.. you then can feel them punks that were biting you.. now get a usb mircroscope and take pictures and send to your dermatologist . With the tape so they can hopefully identify.. good luck.. I’ve already tried and they said I have some type of psychosis bug.. Then do the same test when you are not partying,… then they wont come out… Good luck

  • I agree they are real. I’ve had them sting my head and I’ve had my boyfriend look to see if there is a spider in my hair. I pull them off my head and you can see the outline in the paper towel and when I shower I feel them falling down my body. I dont use cocaine as a chronic but enjoy recreational use by snorting and I’ll tell you the weight is there in the ziplock bag I caught it in. I though Tim imagining g this but the rashes, the bites the stings and the scalp irritated and you can see movement on the clothes theycrawl up. Its very frustrating. Someone needs to investigate this and stop saying its delusionary because it clearly is not. Sober people have observed. They can get rather large and they will affect you at dome point in time because they’re growing and more reports are being taken ibky to have the person tell them they ate imaging it and blowing it off. I would be open to helping the study. I too have frozen them they have tendrils like a jellyfish.

  • Sea shell/CAn you show me a pic?? i too believe they are read i think ive felt them, but i thought it was just me does anyone know how they came to be?? or if they have any pics??

  • I’ve been made to believe in mental for years and I’ve had enough
    I’ll have a hit of coke and within seconds you can see movement normally around scabs
    They seem to be associated with hairs but have seen them in many forms and the exact forms others have described. I thought I was going mad upo until I read this and saw I’m not alone. They are either like sock fluff, small worn like things or like little triangles? I’ve also had the sensation of a spiders web across my face or skin. I honestly believe it’s somthing to do with the government because why else are they covered up so well by doctors etc? They are vile and I feel violated to be honest. I don’t know how to get rid of them, I’ve tried everything and am at my Whits end, I’m a bachelor of science with 2:1 honours so am not a total idiot that’s fried her brain. I have a background in biology and know when somthing is amiss….

  • I describe this phenomenon as “like seeing a ghost” you are afraid to tell anyone in fear you will be labelled a looney and it’s only when you have seen it that you believe it because it’s so far fetched. Which is convenient for who ever starred this invasion because you can easily be written off as a nutter. Case closed in their eyes

  • This has destroyed my life so badly that I’ve had a few failed attempts at suiside. It’s got to be resolved soon

  • We are all describing the same thing. Imaginary delusions don’t ALL manifest into the same belief
    We’re.NOT all crazy

  • I was wonder how to reach out an talk with other posters on here was looking.into the coke bug post tryin to ask some questiona from some of the posters

  • Seashell or bigzorford would like to try an connect wirh you to ask some questions is there a way to throught this posting site cant seem to find a way if so?

  • Sorry dawg is Lucy
    I just changed my screen name
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Oh somthing I forgot to mention is that it’s very odd that there was a section on this subject on another site and within days the whole page just vanished yet there were certainly no rude comments or a violation of the rules? Just seems like another cover up

  • They are actually a type of tick/flea. It is a jumping insect. They are very real, no one is imagining anything. Not taking people who are experiencing legitimate symptoms seriously, is merely a sign of inexpertise, inexperience on the part of the physician/observer, and the casual dismissal of ‘cocaine psychosis,’ is obviously annoying/frustrating for those experiencing symptoms, however, do not fear, all is well.
    The good news is that I have the cure – you must stop using in order to put a stop to symptoms. These little parasites are simply the same parasites that are omnipresent on virtually every living organism on the planet. What is happening is that the (somewhat frequent) cocaine user is actually getting these parasites high. Ingesting cocaine means that the critters that live on/within you are also coming along for the ride; you are literally getting them high and excited on the drug and they are simply doing what any human does under the effects of cocaine; they’re freakin out man.
    Their little nervous systems become flooded with the drug and they become seemingly unable to cease movement. This movement is obviously detectable to the user. Many users also report hearing these creatures as well, normally as soon as they lay their head to a pillow or bring any object close to their head or ears. The user can indeed feel and hear the tiny fleas jumping about their head and body. They can generally be heard flinging themselves about the bedroom as well; on top of your bedsheets, off of the wall behind your head, etc.
    So calm down, dont panic, and just cut back. This is your body naturally telling you that you need to cut back. Promise ;).
    I know how worried and freaked out some people are about this, I will try and return to answer any questions should they arise.

  • Hey y’all, so I’ve read everyone’s comments. Not sure if its a good or bad thing. I too am a cocaine user. Have been for over20 years. Nope, not proud… The first 10 years it was great. The only issue I had was carpet surfing, regretfully so. But for the past decade I too have had the sensation of”bugs” crawling out of every orafice in my body after I take a hit. It’s a very uncomfortable and scary at times. It’s to the piontnow where I strip naked before I smoke so I won’t feel them under my clothing and might have a chance to see/ catch these critters. It’s to the point where it’s hard to even enjoy the high because I’m so worried about these bugs. Its a constant rubbing and feeling my body for these things. I was convinced I was crazy by an ex girlfriend. She had no issues and never saw anything on me. I know what I know. They are there! I immediately feel them crawling out of my bum, my nose, but worse of all is my mouth. I have no issues when I’m not under the influence. As soon as I comedown they stop pestering me. I know I coyld quit and wouldn’t have to deal with it but I like the high. I read that a MRI would get rid of the but to no avail. Had one done a while back and still there. So….. Anyone knowhow to get rid of these things without abstinence? Oh I would love and appreciate any pictures you guys could send. So curious!. Thanks for reading. Theknightrider73@gmail

  • Hey so I sat down of weeks then irritated about the skint some people called Miss allergies I called it fuzz moving Patrick sitting down and only two days after it has started was out on meth just so I can clean my house a little bit better and faster and more organized with more motivation for over a week I continue to study and now I know what it is guys yala it’s black mold. Spores can get on a piece of hair and people will call static electricity when I call the devil trying to find a more pieces of the snakes to connect to if you were to zoom in it’s a circle with the hair and you can see at 2.5 beneficiation on your camera phone but other than that it’s pretty hard to see you really need a microscope and I did use my scope for the first couple weeks until I found out my phone works just as well but these little bitty microscopic things will get on a piece of hair and it can make your hair move to make us move it can do all these things that matter what color it is because it’s clear one way it’s clear one of my it’s gray and that’s why whenever they connect and connect and connect and grow larger they can be on anything first of all. They don’t grow on plastic but if they’re sticky fingerprints on a plastic container than yes it’s on that container these things connecting connecting connect to make larger ones they will always make the same geometrical shape and that shape is either a tadpole when it’s small cuz it can’t really take the form or a snake so I call this Lucifer. It’s in all the food it’s on all the clothes because of the ink it’s in all the fires and hair you can coming out you can use allergen protection covers forpillows and mattresses tablecloth continue to wash but attend everything and you can wash your clothes and it’ll be in the lint balls because it hides in the lint it doesn’t matter how many times you mix it up turn it around that matter so will continue to make the same gym do you know before shape they call it a hugemicrobes.com.I was pushed my God I believed to see this because now we are in a biowarfare a black mold or Corona virus they say. A rose called by a different name is still a rose I have changed it so many times because it affects different parts of the body it’s your heart disease it’s your headache this your back pain it’s your toe fungus it is every single fucking thing in this world that causes us pain wash it all off its oil-based it’s in your pores it’s hard to get rid of and he’s thirsty looking for water
    we can never kill the devil. you can ask God and Jesus for help when you can wash it down the drain where it came from. Or outside. Get em gone end times niggahs. All for your forgiveness now. I just gave you the key.

  • Also I forgot to mention that leaves a Mark that looks like someone kicked a door with a rubber part of the shoe. This market grows into a sketch I would say of the devil’s number 666. Aerobie 6 / 6 / 6 if you zoom out it will be the same thing in Greek. The circle of the six is the head of the snake so it’s sixes all over your wall or the hair were string up into a knot that’s your six. Watch your six. Clean up all the dust. Lint. Carpets. Everyone lives with it and nobody knows about it open your eyes guys! Don’t let them change the name to f00l ya!

  • I have found and killed two of these bugs I have a picture of one and I don’t have them crawling on me but these bugs tiny fly beetle like thing on appear when I smoke crack .. its seems like there attracted to the smoke or vapour its self and as I make it myself with cocaine and bicarbonate of soda one was flying around and near my crack bottle as its miniature bong style thw vapour stays around and the other was in my bicarbonate of soda I had to dig it out ths pot as I left the lid of and its not a hallucinogens because I’m looking at the dead body now and have took a macro picture of it and I’ve never seen a bug like it b4

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