n.— «When potholes need a temporary repair, both “hot-mix” asphalt and “cold-patch” are used to repair the surface until the roadway can be re-surfaced. Most street repairs are made with “hot” asphalt, which must be delivered to the job site within a fixed period of time (or continually heated) and applied to the pothole before it hardens. But hot-mix asphalt is often too cumbersome and expensive for small street repairs, so many transportation engineers rely on “cutback” or “cold-patch” asphalt as a temporary solution. Typical cutback asphalts are made by “cutting” hot asphalt with petroleum solvents.» —“Environmental Purchasing Bulletin #65: Low-VOC Cold-Patch” King County Environmental Purchasing Program (King County, Wash.) July 31, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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