adj.— «Players that hold a big hand but run into a bigger hand are now officially “coolered” in the poker lingo. It’s a word that’s attached to nearly every sob story where the hero ran into a losing situation that they feel was impossible to get away from. Getting “coolered” certainly has some merit in the poker community, because poker hands can take some evil directions. When dealing with only 52 variables, even the most unlikely of mathematical scenarios can take shape.» —“It’s a full-time task keeping up with latest lingo” by Chuck Blount San Antonio Express-News (Texas) July 25, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Kevin Way says:

    As a poker player, I just wanted to note that the noun form “cooler” is much more commonly used.

    That said, poker players love to noun verbs and verb nouns, so it’s not surprising to hear it in use as “coolered”.

    Being dealt pocket nines versus pocket jacks on a J92 rainbow flop is a cooler.

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