Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Although there are many proposed etymologies for the word copacetic, the truth is no one knows the origin of this word meaning “fine” or “extremely satisfactory.” This is part of a complete episode.

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  1. deaconB says:

    I found this to be particularly interesting, as I’ve always heard that nobody ever heard of the word cp[acetic before Satchel Paige used it.

    Given that sports writers, a group notorious for illiteracy, was reporting this, I have little doubt that Grant is right.  It wouldn’t be too smart to appear both an extraordinary athlete and smarter than the ordinary Joe Sixpack, even in northern communities like Benton Harbor in the 1930s.  For that matter, probably not too smart even today.

    So, how old would YOU be, if’n you didn’t know how old you was?