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couch rocket

couch rocket n. a large, luxurious motorcycle, typically ridden by an older rider. Etymological Note: A play off crotch rocket ‘a small, fast motorcycle.’ (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Crotch Rocket to my understanding is a ‘spin off’ from the term ‘rice rocket’.  Though ‘rice rocket’ has been coined to mean any zippy little Japanese car (or zippy wannabe), the term ‘Crotch Rocket’ came out of the ‘need’ to define the typically over-powered Japanese motor bikes.  My brother is a HARD CORE BIKER, so any use of the term, on his part, is assumed to be more correct than the definition as provided here.

  • I commented on ‘crotch rocket’ because neither my brother nor I have heard of ‘couch rockets’.  I know I should have posted to ‘crotch rocket’ but I didnt’ make it that far. SORRY ALREADY!

  • I really don’t have a dirty mind, but when I was in college, a “couch rocket” refered to a really desperate guy falling on a sofa with his date. ‘Nuff said!”

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