crash and bang
 n.— «Most people are familiar with what those of us in the service refer to as “crash and bang,” which is actually a very serious program that’s designed as a five-day Diplomatic Security antiterrorism course that helps provide people with some skills and some abilities to help cope with some of the situations they might confront in countries where terrorism or other dangers present themselves.…Well, the—what I fondly referred to as crash and bang…is a course that’s been around at least since 1992, although obviously in modified form now. There is specialized training now for Iraq that began back in 2004 as we began to set up the Embassy.» —“State Dept. Daily Press Briefing May 2, 2007″ by Tom Casey in US State Department, Washington, D.C. (New Zealand) May 3, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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