n.— «Like some 1,000 other members of the “cryonics” movement, Mr. Pizer has made arrangements to have his body frozen in liquid nitrogen as soon as possible after he dies.…Despite the uncertainties, cryonauts are choosing their investments carefully.» —“A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice” by Antonio Regalado Wall Street Journal Jan. 21, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. cryoguy says:

    “Cryonaut” is rarely used in the field of cryonics, and never by professionals in the field. Its use is to be discourged. The established term for a cryonics advocate or participant is “cryonicist.”

  2. Well, good luck with that. Words have a tendency to ignore they wishes of partisans and then go do dern well what they please.

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