dead check
 v. phr.— «“And how are you going to do your dead check?” persisted Lutz. “With a notional (make-believe) kick in the (groin), sir,” Derosby said. The oft-used technique quickly reveals whether an insurgent is truly dead or just playing possum. “No, wait,” said Lutz, striding forward. “Let me show you how to do a dead check in Iraq.” Grabbing Derosby’s M-16 rifle, Lutz pointed the barrel at the Iraqi’s chest. “Bang! Bang!” he shouted, then handed the rifle back to Derosby. “That’s how you do a dead check in Iraq.” Derosby nodded. “Bang! Bang!” he repeated.» —“Be sharp, stay alive ; Role-playing simulations help Marines learn the importance of keeping their guard up” by Bill Nemitz Portland Press Herald (Maine) Mar. 21, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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