dead pick
 n.— «I’ve been trying to explain that theatre guys are also responsible for the volume of work done by arena riggers. That in some ways, even arena type point ever set is just a “dead pick” in my world, and that the arena guys would only have to pick up a very little bit of information to learn the theatre end.…A “pick” is a line that supports something vertically, short for “pick-up.” There are “running” picks and “dead” or “static” picks. Running picks are pickups for something that can be raised or lowered. Dead picks are “dead tied” to support and remain at one length, holding the item in one position. The terms are typical for riggers.» —“A Rigger’s a Rigger’s a Rigger” by David There are no bad ideas (Penn.) Dec. 3, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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