Beep-boop-beep! It's another newsletter from "A Way with Words."

This weekend we had a row over the death of the subjunctive, listened with curiosity to a Texan talking about "help your plate," fell in love with "lurve," found out why Frodo Baggins is ennead-fingered, listened to an argument about "swarthy," pushed the shopping cart around "by and large," and were of two minds about Janus words:

This morning we also posted another minicast by Martha about regional expressions. In what part of the country would you be likely to hear "momicking," "meehonkey," and "quamish"? Find out:

Running a radio show is about more than sitting in front of a couple of microphones and goofing off for an hour with new friends from around the country. It's also about goofing off with new friends from around the world. We have fans and listeners in Turkey, Iraq, Japan, Australia, Germany, Afghanistan, Mexico, Brazil, and many other places.

That's why we here at the A Way with Words Library and Research Annex (from which we run our web site--recently loaded onto a more responsive server to handle the surging web site traffic--and from which we track language in a setting not dissimilar to Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center or any fanatic gamer's basement) have made it easier for our world-wide friends to reach out and take us by the ears.

First, we've added a Twitter account, using the nickname "wayword." You can follow us at to see all of our biggest announcements and you can tweet your questions to us in 140 characters or less.

(We'll be talking more about Twitter in a future show, but if you don't know what Twitter is, try here: <>.)

Second, we've also added a Skype account, using the Skype nickname "waywordradio." This means that if you make a voice call to that user name via Skype, you'll be redirected to our toll-free hotline at no cost to you (since Skype-to-Skype calls are free, as is the Skype software). It works from anywhere in the world at any time, day or night, weekday or weekend!

(If you don't know what Skype is, try here: <>.)

Third, Skype allows us to set up inexpensive overseas numbers that also redirect to our stateside toll-free line. We are pleased to announce that you can now also reach us via a local numbers in London at +44 20 7193 2113 and in Mexico City at +52 55 8421 9771. We'll be looking into adding numbers elsewhere soon, so if you're in another country and have a preference, please let us know.

On to different topics: our discussion forums are livelier than ever! A few items have been posted that especially deserve your attention:

A friend of the program (are we going to have to make an acronym? FOP?) Mark Peters writes about a topic we've touched on before: what's a good name for an adult romantic partner? Boyfriend and girlfriend are so childish, yet all the other options seem limited, too.

Finally, what are the most-stolen books in Britain?

We close with best wishes and a gentle nudge:

Your electronic pals who are fun to be with,

Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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