n.— «Desktop graphics technology has also spawned a whole “amateur” counterfeiting industry that Warner refers to as “digifeiters,” or “wannabe counterfeiters.” These are housewives or students who use their home computer and a laser or inkjet printer to create counterfeit store coupons and other items. This scheme works like this: the counterfeit coupon is used to buy an item at a discount. The product is then returned for a refund, and the full price of the item is refunded. Since there is usually a 30-day lag time in the verification of coupons, by the time anyone gets wise to the scheme, the digifeiters are long gone. “Lots of retailers have been burned,” says Warner.» —“Counterfeiting and Brand Protection: A Conversation with Security Printing Expert Dick Warner” by Richard Romano WhatTheThink Feb. 22, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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