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dirty dirty n. the southern United States; the South. Also durrty durrty. Editorial Note: Usually used with the definite article: the dirty dirty. Capitalization is inconsistent. Etymological Note: From “Dirty Dirty South,” heavily influenced by a trend of southern hip-hop music called “Dirty South.” The spelling durrty is closely associated with hip-hop music. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • The “dirty dirty” is taken from the term “dirty south” commonly attributed to Atlanta based and Dungeon Family affiliated rapper Cool Breeze who released Eastpoints Greatest hits in 1999.

  • The “Dirty” in dirty south can refer to the storied history and social conflicts in race relations. Touched on in Goodie Mob’s “Soul Food” [eg. Cell Therapy] album as far as government corruption, an impending race war and modern day out-right discrimination that is still allowed to continue. Wikipedia lists it as a style of music but it is the state of the south that got turned into a catch phrase and people identify with but it was from much deeper roots.

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