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Done Deal: The Show Continues!

Estimados amigos and chers amis,

We’ve been a little quiet because we didn’t want to start making a fire

before the logs were stacked, but the news can now be told: “A Way with

Words” is alive!

That’s right: the show will continue, new episodes are already in

production, and they’ll air just as they always have in San Diego and all

across the country.

Read here about our new production company and our plans:


Thanks to all of you who wrote letters of support or made phone calls

asking for the show’s return: you made a big difference. You made it plain

that you care about language, you care about good radio, and you care about

having a place to enjoy them together. Especially if you can vent your

peeves. 🙂

By the way, be sure to listen to our most recent podcasts. In the last few

weeks, we’ve had one about what people mean when they say “this Friday” or

“next week,” one about the winner of our collective noun contest, and one

about the expression “buffet flats.”

Also, our discussion forum is as active as ever and we’ve got plans for

more book give-aways:


With all of our thanks,

Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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