1. Dosia Bailey says:

    I have just found this website and I want to say that my name is “Dosia” does that mean that I am bad?  They say don’t use marijuana well then don’t use “Dosia”

  2. Ani says:

    My niece’s name is Dosia.  She was named after an ancestor Theadosia.  I feel you, Dosia.  You are not bad.  Anybody with the name Dosia (if you are anything like my niece) is amazing!  Not sure why people use the word ‘dosia’ for marijuana.  Why do people use words like “dank”, “Mary Jane”, and others?

    In love,
    Dosia’s uncle

  3. Dosia Bailey says:

    Wish I had an answer for “why” but “dank” seems more apropriate than using personal names.  Always hoped I would be remembered but this is a little ridiculous!!

  4. Dosia's mom says:

    I always thought they got it from indonesia, which is a strain of marijuana. My daughters name is Dosia, and it is a beautiful name I must say.  In greek in means Devinely given, from the root name Theadosia.

  5. Dosia says:

    My nickname is Dosia, and, being from Oakland, California, where using it as slang for marijuana started, I can shed a bit of light. The term is too old for me personally to recall ( Im almost 30), as there are songs which mention it such as “The Sideshow” by local legend Richie Rich which date as far back as 1989 (when I was 11 I didn’t know much about drug culture, sorry…). The best guess one could put forth involves the name ‘Indonesia’(a strain of marijuana) being ‘flipped’ over and over, broken apart and put back together in a way that was ‘fly’, or appealing. ‘Do-sia’ was easily and quickly garnered from this process and, just like any slang term deemed acceptable by the circle from which it was derived, it was disseminated into the greater community.

  6. Robert says:

    The Name Dosia is Derived from the word Dosha which is the same place the word Dosa and Dosia is derived (they are indian pancakes) Anyhow yes the Word Dosia is for pot. But according to some indian lore There are three Doshas to human health. The 3 main doshas are: Vata (combination of the space and air elements), Pitta (analogous to the fire element), and Kapha (combination of water and earth elements).

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