n.— «When there are followers, there must be leaders and this is the second kind of authoritarian personality that has been studied in only recent years. The most extreme of these are what John Dean refers to as double-highs; these are people who rank high both as leaders and as followers. He describes double-highs as people who are absolutely ruthless and without conscience; people who will do anything to take control. They value power for power’s sake and for the sake of their own personal ambition.» —“Conservatives Without Conscience” by PrMaine Feb. 17, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Fred Moseley says:

    John Dean, does a good job of interpreting, the published research of Bob Altermeyer.
    I myself have studied the work of Bob, I also understand that when a “critical mass”, of these individuals, Double-Highs get in positions of power in a government it is disastrous, and it only takes a few. This has happened in the United States, and can get much more worse if allowed to.
    How America wound up involved in a war with Iraq, is a good example of the work of Double Highs.
    I am currently reading “The Destruction of the European Jews” by Raul Hilberg. The way that the mass murders were carried out or planed is an example of Double Highs at work.
    These people all thought alike and the plan came to them with out them drawing a particular one up.
    They all formed a posse, and rounded up the Jews and killed them, an extremely large posse.
    Posses without Sheriffs, in the past would single out a suspected Black man and hang him in the Southern United States, and even before that, this was done all over the United States with people, of all colors as the victim.
    The Posses would have one or two Double Highs and lots of high authoritarians.

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