n.— «It accuses local authorities of defacing once beautiful towns with swathes of characterless new homes and retail parks, with no pubs, shops or sense of community. The process is known as “doughnuting”—named after the ring the developments form, leaving a hollowed-out town centre.» —“Cheaper homes for prettiest villages” by Isabel Oakeshott Times (London, United Kingdom) July 13, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. SBQuill says:

    In the US, doughnuting is to take one’s pickup truck and drive a very fast circle on the courthouse or city hall lawn, leaving behind a huge brown circle. Of course, one has to be teenage to get the maximum fun from the experience best performed at midnight. Yee-ha!

  2. AZo752 says:

    I also think of doughnuting as what I do with my car in an empty parking lot after a good snowfall.

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