duckshove v. to disclaim responsibility or to blame others; to pass the buck. Editorial Note: The Macquarie Dictionary has additional meanings: “1. to use unfair methods; to be unscrupulous in dealings. 2. (of a taxi driver) to solicit passengers along the roadside, rather than waiting in turn at a rank.” The Australian National Dictionary has an earliest citation of 1870 for “to act unethically” and a 1942 earliest citation for “to evade responsibilities.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Anecdotally (ie, in my experience, in Australia) “duckshoving” tends to be used in Union contexts, and by extension by Labor politicians.

  2. Hanrahan says:

    Thanks mate . She’s a great aussie word. Heard one union bloke refer to their feet too in the water. Something about pushiness of ducks and their weakness too ( getting under and around obstacles.) 
    Often true of

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