n.— «While your description of a “striped-shirt guy” is quite accurate, I would have to argue that a “duder” ranks slightly differently, and lower on the heirarchical scale of cookie-cutter males, if you will, from the “striped-shirt guy.” A “duder” is more closely related to “turned-up-polar-collar-guy” and exhibits the frequent use of the word “dude” and has a distinctive laugh, mimicked by his comrades, that is audible anywhere from 50 to 150 meters away and causes any person with just a hint of individuality to roll their eyes and then turn their backs to the fellows in question. This specimen usually always wears a cowrie shell and/or beaded necklace and ranks higher on the scale of douchebaginess than a “striped-shirt guy” and even a “turned-up-polar-collar-guy.”» —“Re: Look at my striped shirt! Look at it!” by beccanator KCRag Forum (Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri) Apr. 30, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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