n.— «One thing dawned on me as I drove home from Kilkenny and it was this. There’s very little hurling in mountainy counties. The fields were lush and green with hardly a rush or a fellistrim.» —“Where I come from, we have only one use for hurleys” Irish Independent (Ireland) Sept. 2, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Patrick Sammon of Greenspeak writes to say:

    In the standard Irish to English dictionary by Niall Ó Donaill it appears under

    feileastram a wild iris, flag. ~ cumhra, sweet calamus. ~ dearg montbretia.”

    It’s clearly a very old word, as its antecedent word existed in Old Irish. See OLD-IRISH-L. See also What The Irish Wore.

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