fifi n. a masturbatory substitute for a vagina. Also fifi bag, fifi towel. Editorial Note: Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang, edited by Jonathan Green, dates the term fifi bag to the 1960’s and connects it to the adjective fifi ‘effeminate,’ giving both terms a U.S. designation. A similar term is muff bag. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. fifi ross says:

    i am surprised to know what my name means !!!

  2. me says:

    0_0 and my cat’s name…. 😮 who woulda guessed lmao

  3. Dingus says:

    Now I was taught that it was a cut off 20oz soda bottle (plastic) with a ziplock filled with crisco and you wrap a paper towel around the bag tightly and stuff the whole thing into the bottle.

    But hey, whatever works, I guess.

  4. I thank the lord everyday for what the fifi brought me while doing my time…I tried the whole anal thing and jus couldn’t stomach it so ya…go fifi!

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