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 n.Gloss: a movie believed to be important or to have a significant message. Note: From an exaggerated pronunciation of “film.” This term seems to be similar to the Anglo-Indian phillum. «If the conceit holds true—industry insiders say the word “Oscar” comes up in serious movie pitches as much as “and” and “the”—people who care about serious “fil-lims” should skip the marathon of Iranian documentaries on Feb. 24 and assemble some friends and nachos to watch this year’s Oscars, with Jon Stewart as host.» —“The Little Gold Man Made Me Do It” by David Carr New York Times Nov. 4, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • I read this in the NYT article you are referencing, but does anyone else have any prior usages, rather than the author just poking fun at a pretentious pronunciation of film?

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