n.— «Chang and Cohen’s program, called Adversarial Continuous Time and Space Search, (ACCTS), represents collections of interacting combatants (units) by what are called “fluents,” a concept close to the time-space operators called vectors familiar to first year physics students. Fluents represent periods in which activities of the units modeled don’t conflict or interfere with each other, or complete their mission or arrive at their goal. When they do, a decision point is reached, where new vectors have to be assigned, creating new fluents. “Rather than relying on copious amounts of sampling to estimate future outcomes,” reads a report presented by Chang, Cohen and Wesley Kerr in November 2007, “fluents take advantage of process models that can either be solved in closed form or can be efficiently updated recursively.”» —“Beyond chess: Deep green models rapid change for combat commanders” PhysOrg.com Apr. 11, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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