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fobbit n. a soldier or other person stationed at a secure forward operating base; (hence) a person who is reluctant or afraid to leave a military base. Etymological Note: forward operating base + hobbit (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • As a former fobbit, in my case one who worked in the TOC and went into town “outside the wire” for ass and trash and meet and greet stuff mainly, I can say the degrees of fobbitdom are many.

    I considered myself a fobbit even though leaving the FOB because I was an Infantryman so unless actually seeking or closing with the enemy tought of myself as a fobbit until I actually did go on missions of that nature.

    The biggest thing about fobbitdom is whether it is just from bad luck, such as guard duty and FOB security, or you are truely and completely fobbit to the core, sitting in an air conditioned room in front of a computer not only not leaving the FOB but actually not leaving the most fobbitized area of it.

    I personally thought being stuck on the FOB was the defination of hell itself so my heart goes out to those enslaved by fobbitdom citizenary.

    We threw candy at the gate guards and called them fobbits until TOP made us quit or some fobbit was proviked into shooting one of us when he or she snapped.  But they were our gate guards! So we would have defended them violently had others outside the uit done the same as we were, go figure.

  • Fobbit!?  Who do you think provides the fuel, water, electrons, essential services, food, and other necessities you “non-fobbits” need to accomplish the mission?  Let’s see, why don’t the Commanders just put everyone on patrol outside of the wire and let’s see how things are when you “non-fobbits” return.  I can hear your bellyaching 10k away. Why don’t we have this or that available and so on, so forth. So in short, shut up because we’re all on the same team and while you have the mission of going outside of the wire, we have the mission of ensuring you are resourced to do so.  And to let you know one other thing, we lost a warrior on the FOB who was always outside of the wire due to mortar attacks. No one is necessarily safer than the other in this un-American environment. In our case, those of us on the FOB have dealt with about as many mortar attacks as the guys outside have dealt with IEDs.  Stop hating and pretending that you’d rather be outside of the wire and do the job you have been assigned and let’s all accomplish the mission we were sent to do and come home.

  • i know both sides my first time here i started as a fobbit then got moved to convoy security i didnt seem to get a break im back again same fob same barracks and i tell you this i dont want to leave the fob ive seen my team come back f**ked up many times i was single last time im married now and have a baby girl i dont want to risk nothing unless i really have to but im not selfish if they need me ill be right there but yes there are ups and downs time drags by but i know im semi safe and if i was out the wire nothing in the HQ would ever get done so all we can do is take the job they give us and do it well

  • i have been a fobbit for most of this deployment. my first deployment i was not and therefore i know both sides. i will say this much. time does not move when you are a fobbit. when i was not a fobbit i could not remember what month it was. so they both have their ups and downs. i will say that the fobbit life sucks. going “outside the wire” is a lot more interesting and keeps you busy.

  • I will be going on my fourth deployment.  On this deployment I will be a manifest NCO, which is a job where i never leave the FOb.  In my previous deployments I was on a fob at most 2 days a week.  God I hope being a fobbit is fun.  Oh well if not I will put myself on the mainfest, in the back of an MRAP or something.  POGS RULE!!!

  • I deployed to iraq in 2005, My unit did everything from convoy security to PSD teams, to (FOB) security,(which sucked). I left the wire more than 200 times in my 12 month deployment and what sucked the most was the FOBBIT’S got CAB’S because they worked in the TOC with all the brass and pencil whipped that crap making the CAB to me a freaking blanket award and therefore useless in my opinion.

  • You cry babies. You are all fobbit’s and you must deal with it. Infantryman (like myself) kick ass all day and night at liite PB’s and BP’s with little food and sleep. You guys got your big rooms and huge chow halls and yall still cry cause you want more. Go home and stop making up stories about what you did in Iraq, you NEVER HAD BODIES IN YOUR SIGHTS!!

  • Fobbit’s and Fobbett’s need to change your tampons and just except that you are all LOSERS!!!  Yeah, you might run s*%t on the FOB but we really don’t need all that extra crap anyways!! And by the way, STOP buying everything out of the damn PX!……feel free to drink all the Green Beans smoothies you want but please stop crowding the gym with your “three-a-day” workouts.  I know you gotta burn off those cheeseburgers but come on!! for real 😮

  • Man, do you know what really sucks?  Being stuck in the TOC all night with some dipshit Major.  Making his fucking coffee and listening to his endless blathering about what a puke I am.  I made a poor MOS choice when enlisting, not knowing any better.  I would gladly leave the FOB and go on patrol, because deep down, that’s what I want to do.  I don’t want to be a POG, but that’s the shitty hand I’ve gotten dealt in this green suck.  One of you 11B’s switch places with me, and then give your opinion on what’s more miserable.  Fuck this FOB

  • SUP SUP?! anyone B4’ed out in this BIAT-ch?  So, FOBBITS AND TOCROACHES listen up – yeah, I know that you “run” the FOB…. but here is the BOTTOM LINE:  I, being a sniper do NOT need you or your “resources.”  However, if you didn’t have me and my fellow (11)bravos, (19)deltas (thats me), (13)foxes aka FO’s, and (11)charlies, and even 13B – arty guys, you wouldn’t have a job.  YOU NEED US, we don’t need you.  Trust me, I have been out on many a mission throughout the mountains of Afghanistan, and needed something, but had to go without because the RTO was either making copies of some BS GARRISON FOB RULE, or pouring a f’ing cup of coffee for a TOCROACH.
    Truth hurts, huh?  SO, what does it feel like to look through a Mark 4 Leupold at an HVT…?  And not the ones from Ghost Recon…. Real people with real guns that shoot back….  Don’t worry, I’ll wait….

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