n.— «Could call this a “FRAGO” style exercise. When the players first assemble online they have no choices with regard to the initial tactical disposition nor organization of their unit markers. They get a simple frag order and one hour to cross the line of departure.» —“TacOps Gazette 02.02″ by Major H ( Usenet: Oct. 27, 2002. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. “Major H” as used in the FRAGO citation, is a pseudonym for Major I.L. Holdridge, USMC (Retired). Developer of the TacOps computer wargame.

  2. D.Fielder says:

    Being a ‘Nam Vet “Frag” had a very different meaning for us.It meant to drop a grenade on or back-shoot another,usually a “C S” officer or non-com that was treating yourself or others bad by using his rank as a weapon.

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