1. Linda says:

    More information:

    freecycler (n) One who recycles items no longer needed or wanted by offering the item on the internet instead of throwing it away.

  2. Judy says:

    The self proclaimed executive director put that word in the public domain the first time he wrote “Keep on Freecyclin”.


  3. Andrew says:

    These 2 usages of the word Freecycle(TM) are not authorized usages.

    For further information about correct usage of the word, according to the requests of The Freecycle Network, please visit – http://www.freecycle.org/aboutus/index.php?tpl=pressroom

    Freecycle is an adjective and an adjective ONLY!!

    Please use it accordingly.
    Please do not promote the misuse of a trademarked word.
    It is trademarked and registered in the UK and is pending in the USA as well.

    Thank-you for your cooperation.

  4. Andrew says:

    Freecycle is *not* a generic term. It is 100% trademarked in the EU and it will be here in the USA and in Canada.

    DO not lie to the general public by saying things that are not true.

    There is NOTHING illegal about TMing a name and then defending it. Educate yourself before saying things that are not true.

  5. Linda says:

    You can’t trademark a generic term and you surely don’t expect a newpaper editor to comply to TFN’s illeagal attempts to do so.

  6. I’m closing this discussion thread with a final word: even if the word “freecycle” were trademarked in the US, which it is not, I would be legally and morally free to cite it or use it in a sentence on this web site in any way I please. There’s a large body of US law supporting that right.

  7. glenn hess says:

    apparently Andrew is as uneducated about the history of Freecycling as he attempts to call others..

    Deron Beal did not coin the word, the name, the concept, or the act of Freecycling, and actually stole/adopted/claimed as his own.. the works of others..

    and there is a TM assertion that pre-exists DB and TFN’s claims.

    Freecycling is great!!! Freecyclers are great!!! I love to Freecycle!! and my wife and I run one of the most successful freecycling communities in the world..


    but… thanks to Deron wanting to own the concept which was not his to begin with we now have…

    corporate greed, lies, fraud, and malicious intent to erase whole communities, and sue families for undisclosed sums and trumped-up baloney…

    which just plain sucks!! gee thanks for that tho Deron!!

  8. Andrew says:

    Oh yes, Mr. Glenn Hess
    alleged husband of Char Hess, one of the folks who left Freecycle, continues to use the name without permission, continues to keep the fire stoked, then has health issues and wants to blame it on Freecycle.

    I am way more “educate” about you folks than you may think. What a joke!!

    Maybe the folks who leave TFN ought to get on with their lives and do what Freecycle supports – go and do your own thing, please do, just stop using the Freecycle name.

    Ahh all your folks problems would just disappear so fast if only you would do that one simple thing, stop using the name!!!!!

    So simple yet apparently so difficult for some to comprehend – opps – should I use the word understand so you can understand it??

    Yet once again, too funny these folks are who leave the network and can not get on with their lives.

  9. glenn hess says:

    RE: Name

    never needed the permission from anyone it wasn’t his..

    our urls and names were sold to us by Yahoo who hosts his groups… you would think maybe they know what’s up Andrew?

    also notice that Yahoo is no longer doing his bidding or removing ANY groups from their servers..

    Char says back away from the vat of sweet sticky beverage and put the cup down.

    your frothing.


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