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  • It’s not about it being new. It’s about an old word being used in a new way. And it’s also about the word not being documented in mainstream dictionaries. I highly recommend you read the “About” section of this web site before you leave further comments. Otherwise, you risk continuing to sound like an idiot.

  • I had heard this term in reference to restroom stalls in public mens rooms where there is a hole to watch and possibly particapate in sexual activity….This is NOT from first hand expierence

  • I have to add that my knowledge of glory hole is also as a hole in a restroom stall, or even between booths at certain porn houses, that allow watching or participating in sexual activity. It’s from gay underground slang, so I doubt that it is in many mainstream dictionaries. A quick Google of the term pretty much makes it clear which usage is the most common, mainstream dictionary usage or not.

  • Look, citations are recorded here FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATION. This isn’t Urban Dictionary—there’s no point in contributing half-assed knowledge unless you’re going to do your homework first. According to the Historical Dictionary of American Slang, “glory hole,” meaning “1. (Nautical) shipboard quarters for stewards and stokers; (Navy) chief petty officer’s quarters,” is attested to 1889. Meaning “the vagina,” it dates at least as far back as 1930. Meaning “(Homosexual) a hole for the penis used for anonymous sexual encounters, esp. between toilet stalls in a public lavatory; (broadly) a peep-hole” it dates at least as far back as 1949. The Oxford English Dictionary has the glass-blowing meaning of “glory hole” back to 1849. So, this thread is closed to further comments.

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