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grass basketball
 n.— «When Spurrier came into the league, he spread everything out. I think one coach referred to it as grass basketball, where the defenses started spreading. Am I wrong or is style of play offensively kind of reverting back to where it used to be, a little more balance, less of flick flinging it everywhere?…You mentioned Coach Spurrier, grass basketball. I think we threw the ball more than Steve Spurrier did when he came to Fayetteville. He actually ran the ball more than he threw it. But that doesn’t—they remember the passes. I think sometimes it’s just the perception. Hey, they threw a long post play and they completed it.» —“SEC Media Days: Houston Nutt—Arkansas” by TigerRag.com Scout.com July 27, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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