Howdy, logomanes!

Speaking of manes, we begin with news from Miami, where, in last week's South Beach Stakes, a longshot mare (11-1) scored a surprise upset over the heavy favorite to win a $50,000 purse. The winner's name? "Way With Words." Coincidence? We think not.

On last week's show, we talked about a controversial tactic to get youngsters reading: allowing students to choose which books to read for class. We also discussed whether the sign over the grocery story line should read "15 items or less" or "15 items or fewer," the regional expression "the big Mahoff," and whether the word "posh" really derives from "port out, starboard home." (Trust us, it doesn't, even if, as a listener pointed out on our discussion forum, the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" helped popularize the idea.)

The whole episode's here:

If you're a book lover, an author, or author-to-be, you'll want to read this article in this week's issue of The New Yorker about the head-spinning changes in the world of publishing.

If that New Yorker article seemed long, you'll appreciate this from The Onion: "Nation Shudders at Uninterrupted Block of Text":

Mark Twain fans will enjoy this rare look at the books in his personal library, in honor of the 100th anniversary of his death:

Over on Facebook this week, we're now up over 1,000 members, and we're having some entertaining chats there, so check it out. We love hearing from you in any medium, whether it's by email, phone, or online:

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