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guap n. (a lot of) money. Editorial Note: The speculative etymology given in the April 2005 cannot be substantiated. Less common variant spellings include “gwap” and “gwop.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • a gwop is a giant wad of paper between 400 and 700 dollars. Like a pimp roll, but of substantially less money. Looks impressive, but usually only has a 100 on the outside with 20s, 10s and 5’s inside.

  • Yes, Guap a gangload of money a wad of cash if you may think rent for 6 months take that add it with last weeks pay check put that in your pocket and thats guap!!! (rent must between 750-1500per month)See you goofeballs dont get how we get it! See my plans is to make a lot of guap/while yall snitchin ass goofies sing on corners like do wop

  • another day- another $ – ain’t mad @ niggas that be getting that guap – ya’ll kno’ who I be and where i be @ – holla snitches

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